ピアスからイヤリングへの変更等はもちろん、既存の商品の色やパーツを変更するカスタムまで 一人一人のお客様とのやりとりをさせていただいております。



I opened a shop on June 2018 in the global handmade site Etsy. Thanks to that I was able to receive orders from customers in Japan of course, mostly from the USA, as well as Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Israel and the UK.

I cater to each and every customer from of course changing "pierce" to "earrings" etc., to customizing pieces such as changing the color or parts of existing products.

I have been developing an online store only without a brick-and-mortar store therefore it is a shop with packaging and wrapping materials to wrap products, and the products are sent with care one by one.

All of the products are already wrapped therefore they can be given to other people as a gift as is.